This week, NAB launched important initiatives to support the broadcast industry into the future. In case you missed it, here’s another look at this week’s news.

C-band Webinar: As part of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) reallocation of the C-band, operators of registered C-band earth stations can choose to either have their actual costs of relocation covered, or can elect to receive a “lump sum” payment determined by the FCC. Earth station operators will need to think carefully – and quickly – about the pros and cons of each approach, as elections to choose the lump sum payment must be filed no later than August 31. This panel of experts will discuss considerations associated with this choice as well as how to make the election procedurally. 

NAB Leadership Foundation

NAB Leadership Foundation Launches Resource Center to Advance Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in the Workplace: This week, the Foundation launched the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Resource Center, a website dedicated to helping media companies and industry professionals create and sustain a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Webinar – How to Build a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy: Societal shifts have encouraged many broadcast companies to reexamine their approach to building and maintaining a diverse workforce, establishing an inclusive culture and ensuring equitable practices. Hear a conversation with broadcast leadership that explores how broadcast executives can use their organizational influence to move DEI beyond reactionary tactics into systemic change. This panel of experts will discuss the steps you can take toward developing an action plan and measures of accountability that move your organization forward.

Celebration of Service to America Awards: Television stations across the country will broadcast this televised event to honor broadcasters’ local community service, beginning August 22. Find your local broadcast!

Stations across the country are sharing their station’s favorite public service project on social media using the hashtag #BroadcastGood to shine a spotlight on the unique and critical role broadcasters play in our communities every day. 

NAB Events

NAB Show Launches NAB Amplify, Serving Global Media and Entertainment Community:  Launching in November 2020, NAB Amplify will engage and grow the global NAB Show community through an innovative and interactive online experience. NAB Amplify will also serve to fuel commerce beyond NAB’s live events and increase global collaboration and conversations by creating an accessible and essential destination and resource for the community to connect and engage in real time, 365 days a year.

NAB Show New York Presents Ten-Day Virtual Experience for 2020: The 2020 NAB Show New York will transform for this year into a ten-day virtual event offering myriad of opportunities for education, discovery and engagement, October 19 – 29, 2020. Registration will open in early September at

We Are Broadcasters

#Radio100 Moments: We’re celebrating radio’s 100th anniversary by looking back at the greatest moments in radio’s history. We hope you’ll join us in sharing your favorite radio memories throughout 2020. Use the hashtag #Radio100 so we can amplify your posts.