Today is National Voter Registration Day and local radio and TV stations are ensuring their listeners and viewers are #VoteReady. As voter registration has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, broadcasters play a critical role in helping Americans understand the importance of participating in our democracy. Local radio and television stations’ commitment to driving civic participation has a powerful impact on informing and motivating citizens to vote. And as bastions of the First Amendment, broadcasters are dedicated to keeping their communities informed about the issues that impact them.

On August 3, NAB launched voter education public service announcements produced in partnership with the League of Women Voters to help stations encourage their communities to exercise their right to vote. From August 3 – September 17, TV and radio stations across the country have aired the PSAs 27,551 times for an estimated ad value of $3,628,229.

We commend these stations for ensuring citizens have the information they need to register to vote, cast a ballot and have their voices heard. Read more stories about broadcasters’ public service at