Yesterday was a new day of infamy in the chronicle of American history as the United States Capitol was attacked by a domestic mob.

Amid ire directed at the media, including unsettling reports of journalists’ equipment being destroyed, America’s broadcasters did not relent. We are grateful to the dedicated journalists who risked their lives to cover this monumental story impacting our nation. However upsetting this event is, we can feel confident in our resolve as broadcasters and in the strength of our democracy.

This resolve to focus on the fundamentals of freedom, the first of which is the First Amendment, is where America’s broadcasters play a special part. Our role in a nation that promises freedom of the press is the duty of the press to discover the truth and to report the same. In an unprecedented year, broadcasters across the nation demonstrated their commitment to the most urgent, necessary and balanced news to keep their communities safe and informed. All of us in this great industry should feel some renewed resolve in the part we play in the nation’s ongoing work of promoting and preserving “a more perfect union.”

NAB provides resources for reporting on crisis situations, including safety guidelines and information about the press’ First Amendment right to cover these events, at We are grateful for your unparalleled service to your communities, today and every day. It is our privilege to fight for broadcasters in Washington, D.C., reminding legislators of the vital role you serve in bringing emergency news and information to your audiences.