At the request of the White House, NAB asked all stations to participate in kicking off a national month of action today, June 4 — a focused push of vaccine education activity in communities across the U.S. to ensure all Americans understand the importance of getting a COVID-19 vaccine leading up to Independence Day.

Stations across the country stepped up to the plate, launching a variety of initiatives to educate their viewers and listeners and to answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Some, like WGCL-TV Atlanta, ran segments throughout the day, while WOI Des Moines operated a text hotline and KPRC-TV Houston is keeping their Vaccine Central page updated with new information and resources. Click on the Twitter Moment below and check out the hashtags #WeCanDoThis and #WeAreBroadcasters on your social media platforms to see more of the many ways broadcasters are encouraging their communities to get vaccinated.

NAB’s Vaccine Toolkit is designed to share information and resources to help local stations create news reports, access public service announcements and more. It is free to all newsrooms and available in English and Spanish.

Recent additions to the toolkit include a list of vaccine hesitant communities, an overview of the national month of action, social media tools and a list of frequently asked questions. A list of national medical experts are available on the vaccine toolkit, along with the option of requesting a local voice.

The critical role local radio and television broadcasters have played in keeping their communities informed about COVID-19 and sharing factual information about vaccine deployment in their communities is unparalleled. Your station’s participation in this important national initiative will further demonstrate the enormous impact and effectiveness of local broadcasting.