In the coming weeks, Washington, D.C. will become the latest community to experience an exciting and innovative development shaping the future of broadcast television.

Five local television stations – Howard University’s PBS affiliate WHUT, Sinclair’s ABC affiliate WJLA, TEGNA’s CBS affiliate WUSA, Fox’s owned-and-operated WTTG and NBCU’s owned-and-operated WRC – are banding together to launch NEXTGEN TV service, a new broadcast TV transmission standard. WHUT will serve as the host station for the NEXTGEN TV broadcasts of the five stations.

Through its IP-based architecture, NEXTGEN TV allows broadcast TV stations to unleash new features that will enhance the viewing experience. Ultra high definition video quality, immersive sound, a more robust picture, increased interactivity with programming and datacasting are all consumer services made possible through the standard. NEXTGEN TV also has built-in mobility allowing viewers to access their local broadcast stations on their phones, tablets or even their cars. The standard also provides for enhanced public safety, with the ability to target emergency alerts, “wake up” devices in a storm’s path and broadcast vital multimedia information such as evacuation maps.

The broadcast station partnership will not only bring these exciting services to Washington, D.C., viewers, it also includes a collaboration with equipment manufacturers and consumer technology companies to create a living laboratory to explore and experiment with the technology. Engineers and broadcasters will be able to conduct research and learn new pathways to fully realizing NEXTGEN TV’s potential, while lawmakers and regulators can tour this showcase of innovative broadcast services.

By partnering with WHUT – the first and only public TV station owned and licensed to a historically black institution – and other educators within the community, the collaboration will also foster the next generation of broadcasters through hands-on experience, exposing students to cutting-edge technology shaping the industry.

The launch of NEXTGEN TV in Washington, D.C. is part of a nationwide transition. Nearly 30 markets across the country will offer the innovative new standard, with many more local TV stations planning to transition to the service by the end of the year. Learn more about the future of television at