Dumb Stuff Said in Washington, D.C.

Inside the bubble of Washington, DC -- which often challenges Hollywood as the true entertainment capital of the world -- one hears astonishingly silly proclamations almost daily. Last week, however, I heard a whopper that deserves entry into DC's Hall of Fame of Dumb Stuff Said. The comment came during a panel discussion at the … Continue reading Dumb Stuff Said in Washington, D.C.

Spectrum Sophistry

Thank you, Jeffrey Eisenach. Thank you for driving a stake deep in the heart of one of the Beltway’s biggest whoppers – namely, that broadcasters are the boondoggle beneficiaries of “free spectrum.” For my 31 years living in “This Town,” it’s been presented as gospel that TV stations “got the airwaves for nothing.” It started … Continue reading Spectrum Sophistry

Who Are They Kidding?

Time Warner Cable executives would have you believe they’ve become terribly concerned about rising cable rates. So much so that the company is bankrolling a “pro-consumer” group called the American Television Alliance, an organization that is urging “reform” of retransmission consent laws enacted to allow local broadcasters to be fairly compensated for the most popular … Continue reading Who Are They Kidding?

CTIA Diminishes Broadcast Diversity. Really?

Sometimes statements get made inside the Beltway that are so shockingly arrogant that one has to step back and ask: Really? That moment came after yesterday's NAB news conference to highlight the launch of The Future of TV Coalition -- a coalition formed to promote the use of digital television spectrum to help spur program … Continue reading CTIA Diminishes Broadcast Diversity. Really?

Verbatim Quotes are Stubborn Things

It's been said by cynics that the only real gaffe committed inside the Beltway is when someone actually tells the truth. That's why we've gotten a chuckle out of the overheated protestations from our friends in the wireless industry after NAB submitted evidence from two top telecommunications industry executives suggesting that "Heck yes, we're warehousing … Continue reading Verbatim Quotes are Stubborn Things

Eight unassailable facts regarding retransmission consent

With the pay-TV industry's continued effort to have Congress or the Federal Communications Commission change the retransmission consent process, here is a quick refresher with eight unassailable facts regarding the carriage negotiation process. 1.) Retransmission consent is the market-based negotiation process by which a broadcast station and cable operator negotiate the carriage terms of the broadcast signal. … Continue reading Eight unassailable facts regarding retransmission consent

A fact-based response to the critics of radio-capable cell phones

The response from critics to NAB's support for the inclusion of radio receivers on mobile phone devices sold in the U.S has been predictable and follows a customary Washington tactic: Arguments against this pro-consumer feature have been long on exaggeration, rhetoric and factual inaccuracies. It's time to set the record straight. Radio's audience is GROWING. … Continue reading A fact-based response to the critics of radio-capable cell phones

The overlooked spectrum squatters

SNL Kagan media reporter Tim Doyle uncovered an interesting factoid this week when he reported that SpectrumCo, a cable-backed consortium, is sitting on $2.4 billion worth of spectrum that the company purchased in 2006. The airwaves are unused, and according to Doyle's report, "It does not seem as if that will change soon, either." With … Continue reading The overlooked spectrum squatters