It will be important to watch closely how the forward auction unfolds, as this is the golden opportunity for which the wireless industry has lobbied intensely. CTIA and CCA, the leading wireless trade associations, have wholeheartedly supported the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s hard work throughout the auction rulemaking process and have approved the agency’s ultimate auction design. These associations have claimed there is “tremendous need for additional spectrum” and that “the spectrum crisis facing the wireless industry continues to grow.” Thus, this auction has now opened for the wireless industry a long-awaited window to put its money where its mouth is, and for those who promised the incentive auction “will play a vital role in addressing the spectrum crunch,” the time to back that claim up is now.

Although we hear a lot less these days about a so-called “spectrum crunch,” that was the rallying cry that encouraged Congress to provide the FCC with the ability to conduct this unique auction. We’ll find out soon enough whether that lobbying was simply an empty slogan or if the wireless industry is indeed desperate for more licensed spectrum.

If the wireless industry’s demand doesn’t meet the broadcast industry’s supply, the wireless industry need only look in the mirror. Again, FCC staff worked day and night over the course of years to develop this particular auction design, and the wireless industry has been its biggest cheerleader in that regard. Broadcasters did their part in the first phase of the auction; we now look forward to the wireless industry showing up and demonstrating how accurate its countless comments, tweets and blogs about the incredible demand for spectrum really are.