On August 22, the 2020 Celebration of Service to America Awards premiered on more than 150 television and radio stations across the country. This online and televised special honors the exceptional community service of local radio and television stations. A total of more than 500 stations have aired, or plan to air the program.

Additionally, stations across the country are highlighting their incredible public service projects on social media using the hashtag #BroadcastGood to shine a spotlight on the unique and critical role broadcasters play in our communities every day.

With up to 3.8 million Facebook and Twitter users reached, local stations are sharing with policymakers and their audiences stories from pandemic relief, support of first responders and veterans to weather emergencies and investigative reporting.

We applaud these stations for being a source of support to their communities especially during these challenging times. To learn more about broadcasters’ incredible commitment to public service visit WeAreBroadcasters.com/BroadcastGood.