Today, we wish a happy 100th anniversary to radio!

At 6 p.m. on November 2, 1920, KDKA broadcast the returns of the presidential race between Warren G. Harding and James M. Cox from a shack atop a Westinghouse building in East Pittsburgh. This broadcast cemented KDKA as the station to air the nation’s first commercial radio broadcast.

As we commemorate the anniversary, we celebrate how radio has blossomed into a vital part of every local community. From protecting the foundations of our democratic ideals and delivering lifesaving information during emergencies to raising millions of dollars for disaster relief efforts and playing the music, entertainment and sports that keep us connected to our communities, listeners know they can count on radio to be there for them.

To highlight this special anniversary, we’ve put a spotlight on the enduring value of radio all year through NAB’s #Radio100 campaign. We have revisited 100 landmark moments in radio’s history as we approached the centennial, and stations across the country have joined the celebration by posting key moments in their own history.

Moments such as President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fireside chats and WWL-AM’s lifesaving coverage during Hurricane Katrina remind us of broadcasters’ 100 years of extraordinary service to their communities.

We are proud of stations’ dedication to serving their listeners, especially during difficult times. We encourage you to check out this video highlighting some favorite  moments stations have shared during the #Radio100 campaign and 100 landmark moments at

Radio has innovated, endured and supported our nation for 100 years, and we look forward to another wonderful century of radio.