As millions of Americans head to the polls today to cast their votes, they are also tuning into their favorite and most trusted local news teams for all the latest updates on local, state and national elections.

From the school board to property tax rates, local broadcasters have been putting in extra hours in the months, weeks and days leading up to Election Day to keep their communities updated on the issues that impact their lives. This recent We Are Broadcasters story highlighted stations’ dedication to providing the most trusted news on political issues and hosting debates with the candidates to keep their communities informed this election season. NAB has also shared examples of local broadcasters’ tireless work to cover the election on Twitter.

Local TV and radio reporters will be live on air with newscasts throughout the day as well as online to ensure their listeners and viewers get accurate and timely news about election results.

“We don’t take sides when it comes to politics, but we are partisan about our local communities, meaning that we care so much about the issues that are important to people who live in the places where we own television stations…We’re always going to stand up for what’s important in those communities,” said Gray Television Washington Bureau Chief Jacqueline Policastro during an NAB Show New York panel on how local news is covering the 2020 campaign.

When asked by panel moderator Ted Fioraliso, senior reporter and executive producer, Gray Television, what local broadcasters can provide to the electorate that social media and cable media can’t, NAB President and CEO Gordon H. Smith responded: “By reporting just the facts, without fear or favor or partisanship. Trusting the voter – the citizen – to make wise decisions. That is our indispensable role and our province alone that we’re local, we’re live and we take journalism seriously.”

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