FM106.1 and Milwaukee Community Raise $1 Million to Benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Across the country, local TV and radio stations work with local and national organizations to serve their communities with fundraising radiothons and telethons, education campaigns and food, coat and toy drives. This work has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. IHeartMedia Milwaukee’s FM106.1 is an example of local stations’ commitment to serving their communities not only during this extraordinary holiday season, but every day of the year.  

The fifth annual two-day St. Jude Radiothon from FM106.1 raised over $215,000 to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the leading children’s hospital pioneering research and treatments for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Over the last five years, FM106.1 has raised $1 million to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Building a relationship with St. Jude over the years has helped the station achieve this remarkable amount. “Our WMIL family is very committed to St. Jude and their mission after visiting their campus a few times each,” says FM106.1’s Shanna Cudeck. “Our on-air personalities can turn the mic on and speak freely about St. Jude because of our passion for what they do. Listeners can tell when you’re genuine, and when you’re faking it – which is why our radiothon has done as well as it has the past five years.”

“We’re so lucky to have such giving and thoughtful listeners in our city,” Cudeck continues.  “They gravitate towards what we’re doing, and they get behind it 100 percent – pandemic or not. Our listeners always come through when it comes to donations, and they’re also fantastic at spreading the word via social media and beyond. It’s really something special.”

It’s this genuine connection with listeners in their Milwaukee community that motivates FM106.1 to engage in public service projects throughout the year and inspires listeners to respond.

“Our on-air personalities on FM106.1 all have huge hearts, which is something we take great pride in here. We’re all invested in helping our community in different ways – whether it’s with the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society, raising money for domestic violence victims in regards to Denim Day, or broadcasting live for a local Toys for Tots collection just to name a few,” Cudeck says. “I think that’s the beauty of live and local radio like we have here in Milwaukee. We are able to get out there and get the word out, and this city responds beautifully every time.”

Public service is a station-wide commitment at FM106.1. “It’s everyone in the building coming together, from sales, to engineering, to marketing and promotions,” Cudeck says. “Our team as a whole at iHeartMedia Milwaukee brings it every single time.”

Stations like FM106.1 are helping their neighbors in need, even as the local advertising revenue they rely on has plummeted. Learn more about broadcasters’ commitment to local communities at