Broadcast TV and radio stations serve their communities with the most popular programming, important local news and weather, emergency updates and educational information – all for free. 43.6 million households in the United States use an antenna to receive free, local TV programming, and 91% of Americans listen to local radio each week. This unparalleled reach includes unique service to Black communities, connecting and inspiring the neighborhoods that local stations serve.

This Black History Month, we are taking a close look at how local stations connect Black Americans to their community and how local reporters serve our changing world. As Ben Hart, general manager of WJCL Savannah, said in a recent editorial, “Honest acknowledgement of our shared history can bring pride and understanding to our entire community.” With the greatest reach and most trusted news in media, broadcasters are committed to these honest stories.

16.2 million Black Americans live in households that have a television antenna.
28.9 million Black adults listen to the radio each week.

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