A growing number of legislators are supporting a resolution opposing “any new performance fee, tax, royalty, or other charge” on local broadcast radio stations. The Local Radio Freedom Act (LRFA), which signals members of Congress’ opposition to any potential legislation that imposes new performance royalties on broadcast radio stations for simply playing music, now has 190 cosponsors and counting. NAB thanks these members who support local radio.*

For nearly a century, record labels and performers have thrived from airplay – which is essentially free advertising – from local radio stations. But as the big record labels struggle to keep profit margins high, they are urging Congress to impose a tax on these local radio stations that are, ironically, their greatest promotional tool.

Take action today and thank your member of Congress for standing up for local radio, or encourage them to join the bill’s growing list of cosponsors.

*List current as of July 19, 2021