Following the close of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) broadcast spectrum incentive auction, nearly 1,000 stations had to move to new frequencies to make room for wireless services. Most stations have successfully transitioned to their final post-auction facilities at this point.

To ensure that all repacked broadcasters are fully reimbursed for their expenses, we strongly urge broadcasters to submit their remaining invoices as soon as possible. The FCC has issued a reminder regarding upcoming deadlines for the submission of repacking invoices. All full power and Class A stations with repacking deadlines in phases 1-5 must submit all remaining invoices for reimbursement no later than October 8, 2021.

While most stations in phases 1-5 have completed their moves to their final facilities, a number of stations have not yet submitted all of their invoices and initiated close out procedures – and a handful of stations have not yet submitted any invoices at all.

Stations repacked in phases 6-10 must submit all remaining invoices no later than March 22, 2022. FM stations and low-power TV (LPTV) and translator stations intending to seek reimbursement must submit all invoices no later than September 5, 2022.

The FCC has repeatedly stated that it does not envision the need to grant extensions of this deadline. So, don’t delay submitting your invoices any longer. If you anticipate difficulty meeting this deadline, please contact the NAB Legal department at or (866) 682-0276 as soon as possible.