When disaster strikes, broadcasters are a lifeline for their communities. With reporters on the ground to deliver updates during wall-to-wall coverage and deep ties to their communities to support relief efforts, local radio and TV stations provide unparalleled leadership.

As Hurricane Ida moved up the east coast from Louisiana to New York this week, stations in the affected areas went wall-to-wall with emergency coverage. Reporters for local TV and radio stations live in their communities and understand their needs in deeply personal ways. “Our goal is to be here with you – not just in a hurricane. We’re here for you every day,” said WWL afternoon host Scott “Scoot” Paisant, according to Inside Radio. In addition, the investments in innovative meteorology and reporting technology that help broadcasters bring weather news every day can create incredible, deeply effective images to communicate the scope of disasters like Ida.

With millions still without power, local stations are gathering emergency supplies to help those in need and looking toward long-term recovery. Take a look at some of the ways stations in the Gulf Coast are supporting their communities, and visit WeAreBroadcasters.com to learn more about broadcasters’ vital localism.