Every year, the Freedom Forum, a nonpartisan nonprofit foundation supporting the First Amendment, conducts a survey gauging how Americans understand and value those freedoms. In 2020, their survey discovered that a divided America still values the first Amendment, including freedom of the press.

94% of Americans consider the First Amendment vital.
More than half of Americans agree the news media should act as a watchdog on government.

In a rapidly changing media landscape, broadcasters remain a vital bastion of a free press in communities all across the country. As misinformation spreads across social media, journalists at local TV and radio stations continue to bring unbiased reporting, urgent emergency updates and accurate fact-checking every day. Even with millions of sources for information, Americans turn to their local broadcasters first as their most trusted source of information.

The majority of Americans identified broadcasters as their most trusted news sources.
Social media platforms are Americans’ least trusted sources of news.

Learn more about broadcasters’ critical role in the changing media landscape at nab.org/BigTech.